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The Torgerson Financial Group (formerly Consolidated Financial Services) was founded on the values of reputable and prompt tax preparation and financial services. We are tax specialists that provide our clients with a comprehensive analysis to maximize refunds and minimize liabilities. We strive to be leaders in the insurance industry and put an emphasis in providing our clients with innovative retirement income strategies, utilizing tried and true techniques, as well as embracing a changing industry to make the most of every product we offer.


We know the insurance industry offers many choices and options for the varied needs and circumstances our clients face; that’s why Consolidated Financial Solutions stresses the importance of considering all of your options before making a decision. With our experience, we can help assist you in making confident decisions to help you preserve* and create an income stream in retirement.


We work hard to give you not only the best possible service but also to stay current on pertinent financial, insurance and retirement topics so we can provide you with the information you may need to make an informed decision.


As a client of Consolidated Financial Solutions , you will work with a licensed insurance professional who will actively participate in helping you meet your financial and retirement goals. Let us go to work for you today – give us a call for a no-obligation review.



James Torgerson
Phone: 502-807-8736
James Torgerson



James graduated from Minnesota State University with a degree in Business and Finance. He worked for many years as the Controller for a $23 billion dollar Bank Holding Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. James later became the Vice President of Finance for Dart & Kraft Leasing, Inc., a $500 million dollar subsidiary of Kraft Foods, Inc. After ten years he took a position as the Vice President of Consumer Products for the Shawmut Bank of Boston.


While in Minneapolis, James attended the University of Minnesota for post-graduate work in Taxation and Credit Management. James also did his post-graduate work in Financial Management at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


In 1989 James moved back to Illinois with the desire to start his own company in the insurance and investment business, which has now expanded to include tax planning and tax preparation for his clients. James is a U.S Army Veteran.

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